AIGA Central Connecticut State University Student Group for Design
Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut


The name of this organization shall be:

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Central Connecticut State University Student Group for Design


The purpose of this organization shall be:

2.1) to promote a design culture and philosophy.
2.2) to further the community’s understanding of design
2.3) to encourage communication and networking among students and professionals
2.4) to provide professional development content area


3.1) Membership in this organization shall be open to all full-time, matriculated, undergraduate, graduate students at Central Connecticut State University.
3.2) Associate membership shall be available to any member of the campus community who is enrolled in a class or is employed by the University. Such members may not hold office and may not vote.


4.1) The elected officers shall be: a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, Communication Director(s), a Programing Director, and a Membership Director. These officers, and the faculty advisor(s) ex officio and non-voting, shall comprise the Executive Board.
4.2) Election of officers shall take place at the third to last regularly scheduled meeting of the semester
4.3) Candidates will submit their names no later than the week prior to election week.
4.4) Terms of office for elected Executive Board members shall commence two meetings after the above meeting and remain effective for the succeeding academic semester.


5.1) The President shall:

  1. lead the student group;
  2. preside at all meetings;
  3. have the power of appointment until a position is approved by the Executive Board;
  4. perform other duties necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the office;
  5. work with the faculty advisor on the agenda of group meetings;
  6. will represent the group to the chapter board;
  7. will function as a tie breaker in tied group voting situations;
  8. shall take at least one publicly available photo with the design teddy on his/her head.

5.2) The Vice-President shall:

  1. assist the President;
  2. shall take over Presidential duties if President is absent;
  3. serve on all communities ex officio;
  4. preside at meetings and perform duties otherwise associated with the presidency at the President’s request.
  5. Perform other duties necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.

5.3) The Secretary shall:

  1. maintain records of all the groups proceedings;
  2. receive and file reports of all committees;
  3. perform other duties necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.

5.4) The Treasurer shall:

  1. keep the organization’s financial records and disbursements current and submit financial statements to the university when these are requested;
  2. render a detailed, accurate financial report when one is sought by the members of the Executive Board, faculty advisor(s), or other duly authorized University personnel;
  3. handle money at events;
  4. keep track of snack money;
  5. Perform other duties necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.


5.5) The Communication Directors shall:

  1. attend to all correspondence for the organization;
  2. utilize all online and in-person tools to keep student members, nonmembers and faculty the university informed of upcoming events and activities (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, etc..).
  3. manage and create club event marketing material such as photography, posters, videos and such.
  4. perform other duties necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.

5.6) The Programming Director shall:

  1. outline the necessary steps for arranging events or group activities;
  2. will seek out opportunities for group events within the university, with other student groups, and around the community;
  3. perform other duties necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.

5.7) The Membership Director shall:

  1. assist the faculty advisor in distributing and collecting applications for the
  2. keep contact information and records for each member;
  3. create and manage club membership marketing material;
  4. prepare and maintain organization table at the club fair at the beginning of the semester, shall also pick another member to help;
  5. perform other duties necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.


6.1) Regular Meetings

  1. Members will be given at least five (5) school days advance notice of a meeting.
  2. A majority of the members (including 3/8 of the Executive Board) shall constitute a quorum.
  3. Any motion presented at a meeting (except Amendments to this Constitution) shall be approved by a majority of the members present.

6.2) Special Meetings

  1. The President may convene a special meeting with the approval of a majority of Executive Board members.
  2. Any member of the organization may request the President to call a meeting if he/she submits a petition signed by two-thirds (2/3) of the membership. When such a petition is presented, the President must call a meeting within ten (10) school days. Except in cases of emergency, 48 hours’ advance notice of a special meeting will be given to the membership.
  3. A special meeting will be conducted in the same manner as a regular meeting.


Robert’s Rules of Order in its latest edition shall regulate the meetings of this organization except where it conflicts with this constitution or its bylaws.


  1. Proposed amendments to this Constitution will be presented in writing at a regular or special meeting.
  2. Voting on a proposed amendment will occur at the meeting following its
  3. A two-third (2/3) vote of those present is necessary to amend this Constitution.


When the rules and policies of this organization, the content of its Constitution, or the actions of its members conflict with University regulations, the latter shall prevail.